side draft spray painting booth Manufacturer of Spray painting plants, spray painting booths, pre-treatment plants. Sumko Engg. Sys. are manufacturer spray painting plants, pre-treatment plants, spray painting booths, industrial ovens and allied equipments in India since 1994. We have a vast experience in technical design and manufacturing in the field of surface finishing field.

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We are engaged in manufacturing of wide range of spray painting plants on turn key basis to suit the clients' requirement. Every plant is customized as per client specification. We provide complete solution for spray painting plant on turn key basis.

A spray painting plant is a cluster of various equipments; but basically consists of (1) Pre-treatment Plant (2) Spray Painting Booth, (3) Flash off Enclosure (4) Paint curing/Drying Oven (5) In plant material handling system and (6) Spray Painting Equipments etc.

To start with; we shall collect data about your product; it's size, weight and production rate. Depending on the data; we recommend type of plant required to achieve the required production capacity, type and sizing of the equipments required which would include pretreatment plant , Dry off oven, spray painting booth, flash Off enclosure, paint drying or curing oven, material handling system i.e. overhead electrical conveyor/push pull overhead trolley system or batch type floor trolley system, loading and unloading device, central electrical control panel, air handling or air replacement unit for dust free atmosphere etc.

We also manufacture allied supporting equipments such as hot air generator for indirect heating system, air supply units for painting booth, sludge seperators for phosphating etc.

Join with us for:
•Installation with start to finish engineering expertise •Higher productivity with lower operating cost •A paint finish with unsurpassed beauty and durability

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