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Considering air flow pattern, spray painting booths can be divided in TWO major categories; namely SIDE DRAFT and DOWN DRAFT Spray Painting Booths.

Side Draft Spray Painting Booth

These paint booths are suitable for small and medium sized components where material handling is easier. The fresh air flow is from front side of painting booth; from back of the operator, over the component towards the extraction chamber of the paint booth. So the name SIDE DRAFT. Except front, all sides of these booths are closed. booth has a front opening and sides and top is covered. more.

Conveyorised Spray Painting Booth

These booths are specially designed for continously moving component; either hanged on the overhead conveyor or placed on floor/slat/roller conveyor. In short these are painting booths for mass production. Although, the air velocity in the painting are is same as in the standard booth; the air volumee handled by the exhaust fan is more. more.

Down Draft Spray Painting Booth

For the heavier and bulky components like containers, vehicle chasis etc, it is not easy to rotate them inside the painting booth. So instead, operator moves around and paints the component. In this type of painting booth fresh air flows from top to the bottom; as such they are called DOWN DRAFT Spray Painting Booth. Here, all the four sides of the painting booth are closed and top is open.

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