side draft spray painting booth Manufacturer of Spray painting plants, spray painting booths, pre-treatment plants. Sumko Engg. Sys. are manufacturer spray painting plants, pre-treatment plants, spray painting booths, industrial ovens and allied equipments in India since 1994. We have a vast experience in technical design and manufacturing in the field of surface finishing field.

spray painting booth

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Conveyorized Oven, Batch Oven, Drying / Curing or Baking Ovens Liquid paint needs drying or stoving. To facilitate this we have a range of drying/curing or baking ovens. Depending on the load and requirement they can be tailor made for batch oven or conveyorized oven.
The air temp of the drying oven is generally 70-80 degrees centigrade.
The same for the paint baking oven ranges from 120 to 180 degrees centigrade; depending on the paint.
For powder curing oven it may vary from 200 to 240 degrees centigrade.
For best results, paint baking or powder curing schedule shall be as per manufacturers guidelines.
Electrically operated direct heating type ovens are easy to operate and requires least maintenence. The electrical heaters can be easily placed inside the oven chamber thereby nullifying any chances of heat losses. Circulating air is then allowed to pass over the heaters; which absorbs the heat generated by the heating elements. This air is then distributed inside the oven and it passes oven the component inside the oven.

Conveyorized Oven, Batch Oven, Drying / Curing or Baking Ovens

We can design and supply ovens with various heating media, i.e., electrically direct heating, LPG / HSD / CNG fired Indirect heating or Thermic fluid / Hot water based indirect heating systems.

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