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The standard type of side draft spray painting booth; at times, is not suitable to facilitate the painting of small components because it requires more floor space and it consumes more electrical power. Further, end user; wish to paint small and tiny components; feels it too big and un useful to him. To overcome this feeling; we have developed a small and tiny side draft spray painting booth with the name Bench Spray Painting Booth.


Painting area 900 x 900

Leg supports for better stability.

Exhaust Fan dynamically balanced.

Consumes lesser power - 2.00 HP.

Better air flow, creates feel good factor for painter.


1. Suopprting Leg height 450 mm.

2. Water Tank for water wash effect.

3. Painting Area at convenient height.

4. Extraction Chamber - Heart of the painting booth.

5. Exhaust fan - for effective suction of over spray paint.


Overall Size: 980 W x 1390 D x 2400 H.

Working size : 900 W x 900 D x 900 H

Exhaust fan : 2.00 HP, Centrifugal, dynamically balanced, direct driven.

Construction : MS CRCA 2.00 mm thick.

Painting : Either oven painted or powder coated.

Following accessories are necessary for the ease of painting:

1. MS grill above the water tank in painting area.
2. 600 mm dia rotating table - component can be placed on this table.
3. A rotating device - 10 Kg capacity - component can be hanged on it.
4. Fluorescent lighting fixture - this can be fixed on the painting area top panel or kept at inclined position below the name plate.

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