side draft spray painting booth Manufacturer of Spray painting plants, spray painting booths, pre-treatment plants Sumko Engg. Sys. are manufacturer spray painting plants, pre-treatment plants, spray painting booths, industrial ovens and allied equipments in India since 1994. We have a vast experience in technical design and manufacturing in the ield of surface finishing field.

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Something about us

M/s Sumko Engg. Sys.; was established in 1994 by experienced technocrats having worked with leading metal finishing plant manufacturer of that era; for more than 10 years. During these years, the founders realised the need to look into the basic design of the equipment. The approach to re-design and re-develop the product to minimise the raw material wastages; which would lead in cutting down the manufacturing cost, to standardise the design criteria to minimise the manufacturing time and cost. By adopting these new principles; we managed to to cut down the design and manufacturing time; resulting in lowering the delivery period. We managed to cut down the raw material wastages; resulting in lowering the selling cost. Era of latest technology at the lowest cost was started by us.

It has been observed that many a times vendors/contractors having minimum or no technical knowledge and expertise of the work; are engaged to carry out major work in Spray Painting Plants or Spray Painting Booths or allied equipments. Although, this saves initial investment of the company, in the long run this proves to be a wrong decision. By compromising on technical specifications, raw materials, sub-standard bought out items and not applying the latest innovations, these vendors quality of surface finish, reduced life span of the equipment, high running cost and frequent maintenance problem. The managements cannot be blamed totally, as they cannot afford high plant costs of leading spray painting plant manufacturers. Keeping this in mind SUMKO ENGG. SYS. was formed in 1993. We at SUMKO ENGG. SYS. are dedicated for innovation and implementation of new ideas and technologies. We have technical expertise and work experience, in Spray Painting Booths and Spray Painting Plants and allied equipments of more than 25 years.

QUALITY and TRUSTWORTHYNESS is backbone of our policy. This guides us to stand firm in our motto of not compromising on the technical/manufacturing parameters. Nor do we get tempted to use sub-standard raw material or bought out items to cut down our costs. We do not believe in offering our products at lower cost at the expense of compromises on quality. Because we know, the client wants products of high standards and he is ready to pay little extra if product is geniune. That helps us in standing apart from all others. Our commitment to excellence is our strength. Our commitment to technical parameters, quality issues, cutting down unnecessary, unproductive expenses and passing on the benefit to our client, timely delivery and best of service is ultimate.

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