side draft spray painting booth Manufacturer of Spray painting plants, spray painting booths, pre-treatment plants. Sumko Engg. Sys. are manufacturer spray painting plants, pre-treatment plants, spray painting booths, industrial ovens and allied equipments in India since 1994. We have a vast experience in technical design and manufacturing in the field of surface finishing field.

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About us :
We are manufacturer and suppliers of spray painting plants, spray painting booths, pre-treatment plants, paint curing ovens, powder coating booths, air supply units and allied in plant material handling equipments on turn key-basis. We are leading suppliers of spray painting plants, powder coating plants and spray painting booths since 1994 in India. more.

We are engaged in manufacturing of wide range of spray painting plants on turn key basis to suit the clients' requirement. Every plant is customized as per client specification.

A spray painting plant is a cluster of various equipments; but basically consists of (1) Pre-treatment Plant (2) Spray Painting Booth, (3) Flash offf Enclosure (4) Paint curing/Drying Oven (5) In plant material handling system and (6) Spray Painting Equipments etc.

We also manufacture allied supporting equipments such as hot air generator for indirect heating system, air supply units for painting booth, sludge seperators for phosphating etc.

Join with us for:
•Installation with start to finish engineering expertise •Higher productivity with lower operating cost •A paint finish with unsurpassed beauty and durability more.
Pre-treatment process is simply a cleaning of metal surfaces and to modify the surface so as to make it easier for paint particle to have a proper bonding. This process includes : (1) Cleaning; this is mixture of mechanical and chemical cleaning. Mechanical cleaning means scratch brushing and/or sand blasting. The abrasive action here; not only removes the surface dust, rust etc; but also eliminates egularities. Cleaning is very good, however, coating must be done immediately because the cleaned surface is in a highly reactive state and corrosion occurs very soon. Chemical cleaning includes removal of dirt, oil and grease, and the rust particles present on the surface by means of chemical actions. The chemical may be applied by wiping, spraying or dipping. The nature of chemicals used depends upon the base metal. (2)Application of conversion coating: the conversion coating helps in providing corrosion protection before spray painting , promote good adhesion of the paint particles to the surface and impart under paint corrosion and thereby improves the life of the painted product. The type of the conversion coating used also depends upon the base metal. more.
Spray Painting Booths are categorized as - Side Draft Spray Painting Booths for medium sized components, and Down Draft Spray Painting Painting Booths for heavy and voluminous components; and Conveyorised Spray Painting Booths for mass production. The conveyorised spray painting booth can be either side draft type or down draft type; depending upon size and weight of the component to be painted. Further, we have developed Bench spray painting booth for small/tiny components. more.

We manufacture cyclone type Powder Coating Booth as well as filter type Powder Coating Booth, Ovens for powder curing.

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Our commitment to excellence is our strength. Our commitment to technical parameters, quality issues, cutting down unnecessary unproductive expenses and passing on the benefit to our client, timely delivery and best of service is ultimate.


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